David Bell's popular talk is played for laughs with no apology made for his tongue-in-cheek approach 

                         to what on the  face of it is a tragic story. He is a passionate ambassador for the village of Eyam and

                         its historical heritage; but also a pragmatist.


                        "I have read an awful lot of books over the years about the Eyam Plague  and I  want to believe every

                               single word I read !" 


                       "I am however drawn time and time again" added David,"to a persuasive report penned by The London 

                        School of Economics about how well historical facts pass from generation to generation."


                       "Through the mists of time the limited  primary evidence of 17th century Eyam &  its tragic plague story

                         has become swamped by popular myth and legend.But don't let that spoil or influence any future visit

                        you plan to make to our wonderful little village and the tale it has to tell."  . . . .  . .   It certainly won't stop

                        you having a good laugh with the Plague Doctor."


                     The Plague Doctor in Schools              

                  Suitably adapted for Key Stage Two children.

                          The Plague Doctor visiting the classroom as

                          part of  your school Plague project is a must.   

                          An hour of clever, interactive fun without the

                          inconvenience and cost of visiting Eyam . . .

                          or as an irresistable prologue to your visit to

                          the Plague village. When kids are laughing

                          and are curious; they are learning.




Please book early - these educational sessions are in high demand 



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