Trust the proven choice of hundreds of other Clubs & Societies and go for a guest speaker everyone is talking about. Go for David Bell, the Plague Doctor. An entertainment rather than a lecture. David is not a qualified medic, nor is he an historian; however he does spin a terrific yarn.


The Plague Doctor will not only make you think, he will also make you laugh out loud and feel good about yourself.


For a fascinating 75 minutes you will be seduced in a uniquely amusing fashion into a 17th century world  where both medical diagnosis and  treatment were equally outrageous . A world you would want to avoid . . . . like the plague !  

Despite being clouded through the passage of time by a string of enthusiastic poets and preachers the Eyam plague story remains one of the most enduring episodes in British history. And 354 years on, this small Peak District village where David now lives, continues to enjoy marketing its tragic past.


Any story of a community in voluntary isolation attempting to prevent the spread of a killer disease is on the face of it hardly going to be light entertainment. However David 'breaks the mould' with his personable and tongue-in-cheek style resonating seamlessly with his audience.


So before you try to split fact from fiction in the Plague Doctor's light hearted take on events; just remember that laughter really is the best medicine.  Laugh out loud as David confronts a party of German tourists; wince as he extracts a bladder stone 17th century style and then goes on to vividly demonstrate early treatments, for of all things, extreme constipation and itching heamorrhoids. 


But whisper it again . . . . the plague is about !

                                                                   *** no embarrassment is directed at any individual audience members during the performance.


Standard talk fee from £75.00 + return mileage supplement @ 45p per mile

Enquire now for remaining dates in 2019 & 2020  . . . . . . . .  booking to 2021


telephone : 01433 639392               email :


"A fabulous night. What a tale! . . . what a funny man."

West Hallam WI    Nottinghamshire   January 2019


                                                                           "Highly recommended . . . infact the consensus is; the best we've ever hired"

Horwich  Probus    Greater Manchester   November 2018


"A mid-week full house in the banqueting suite .... now, that speaks for itself"

Doubletree Hilton Hotel   Sheffield   November 2018


"I first saw The Plague Doctor two years ago and he was brilliant.

I have booked him for next year for our new 'Brownies for the Older Lady' group.

We can't wait for the fun to start again."

The Luvly Lasses of Elland   West Yorkshire   October 2018


"A perfect complement to our annual ladies dinner. Never laughed so much in ages"

"That old adage of never judging a book by its cover is so true in David's case"

"I have now learned to never judge a guest speaker by the title of his talk"

". . . the plague doctor is hilariously entertaining."

Abbeydale Golf Club   Sheffield   September 2018



" An evening of outstanding storytelling"

Friends of The National Trust    Staffordshire    September 2018


"A heartfelt thankyou from all of our members for your insightfully funny take on life." 

"You must come back again soon"

Ashbourne U3a   Derbyshire   September 2018


"A wonderful tonic . . . Bravo!"

Woodhall Spa U3a   Lincolnshire   September 2018


"Congratulations to the Plague Doctor . . . a raconteur par excellence"

Todmorden U3A  West Yorkhire  August 2018 


"We never quite knew what to expect next !!" 

"This was so entertaining & funny . . . and the ending? . . . Wow"

Holymoorside Ladies Club   Derbyshire   July 2018


"A buttock clenching hour of sheer joy"

Trent Lock Country Club   Nottinghamshire    June 2018


"The Plague Doctor came to our group highly recommended . . .  and didn't disappoint.

He has set the bar at a new high."

Northampton U3A    April 2018

        "I'll never board a tourist coach again  ! . . . nor will I stand by a waterfall,

           suffer from a bout of constipation; eat a banana, garlic or monkey-nuts

            without fondly recalling my hour with The Plague Doctor !

                   Brilliantly random humour."

                  World Heritage  Centre, Cromford Mill, Derbyshire    



"I have been the speaker seeker for our local

 Probus Group for thirteen years now and can

 say that The Plague Doctor has been the best

 speaker we have heard"  . . . . . Great stuff

Whaley Bridge Probus   High Peak   February 2018


    "Engaging  . . . Compelling . . . Superb timing   

  The perfect pick-me-up for a wet Wednesday in January.

     I have never seen The Winding Wheel so full for a matinee." Congratulations"

     Chesterfield U3A       January 2018


Such a clever storyline  . . . totally unexpected"

  "The Plague Doctor made me think; made me laugh

  . . . . and made my day."

          Hucknall  U3A        January 2018



"A one-man-show rather than a talk. David Bell is fantastic Info-tainment . . . 

His wacky array of props will have you laughing from start to finish.

10 out of 10"

East Midlands History Group , , , November 2017


"One of the best speakers ever at our U3A today. Brilliantly funny"

Towcester U3A . . . Northamptonshire . . . October 2017


"Fantastic entertainment. Congratulations"

Thrapston U3A . . . Northamptonshire . . . October 2017



Newark U3A . . . Nottinghamshire . . . October 2017


"What a storyteller . . .  masterful . . . funny . . .  just go see!      

Countersthorpe U3A . . .  Leicestershire  . . .  October 2017


   "A brilliant, laugh-a-minute evening."

                                                                                                            Sowood W I , West Yorkshire


 "Up there with the best "

Southwell U3A  Nottinghamshire


"A giggle filled evening ... great stuff"

The 'Lets Make Jam' Ladies  Stoke on Trent


"Such an absorbing, dynamic and contemporary take on your subject.

 I’ve never laughed that hard or felt so moved by any other previous guest speaker. Congratulations."

Worksop U3A  Nottinghamshire


"We 've heard so much about you and waited so long to see you .

Fabulously original entertainment .. and what a fantastic ambassador you are for your lovely village"

Whiston WI South Yorkshire


                                           "The Plague Doctor is so compelling & engaging.

                                               David Bell's wonderful story is delivered with

                                       such panache, energy and clever interactive humour.

                                          I promise he will surprise you; and very likely turn

                                          out to be your highlight guest speaker of the year.

                                                       Do not hesitate; go book him now."

                                                   The Dukeries U3A, Nottinghamshire


                       "The Plague Doctor had all 250+ of us  in the palm of his hand"

                                  "Fascinating,  delightful, and very entertaining"

                                                 Eastwood U3A  Notts


                                                       "I have been involved with our club

                                                          for over 12 years and would rank

                                                          the Plague Doctor one of the top

                                                               speakers we have ever had."    

                                                         The Bradway Group   Sheffield  



                      "David Bell is up there with the very best speakers we have ever booked.

                                 He had us transfixed; so much so, you could hear a pin drop . .                                                                                                                . . . when we weren't laughing"

                                                            New Mills U3A     High Peak


                                            "Thank you for a great evening."

                         "You are one of the best speakers we have ever booked"

                               Warmsworth WI, Doncaster,   South Yorkshire



                      "I can safely say your visit to Peterborough was a great success.

                  There were so many of our people talking warmly about you afterwards.

                      We were entertained, educated and astonished in equal measure."

                                                Oundle U3A,   Peterborough



                 "Taken totally by surprise, what a clever, clever delivery. Very entertaining"

                                             Leicestershire Salvation Army


                                                                                     "So good"

                                                  "He doesn't lecture; he doesn't preach."

                                                       "He simply tells a darn good tale"

                                                              Kirk Langley  WI  Derby



                                              "An intoxicating mix of fact and legend,

                                        bound together with a big dollop of cheeky fun"

                                                     Dinnington Horticultural Society  Yorkshire


                                                                                                The Plague Doctor's mantra is simple.
                                                      "If the audience are laughing, they are listening."

                                                                        “I am having the time of my life;” explained David.

                                          “I never imagined in my wildest dreams that in my 70's I would be demonstrating

                                           haemorrhoid relief with leeches, and buttock clenching tobacco smoke enemas !"

              “Laughter certainly is the best medicine,” commented Janet Stain  of the Crosspool Ladies Group in Sheffield.

               “The Plague Doctor came to entertain our members recently and immediately won us over with his hilarious

                anecdotes and original  storyline. David had us all in fits of giggles from beginning to end.  My advice?    . . . . .

                             Just go and see him for yourself. He spins a fabulous tale and you’ll feel all the better for it!”

          The Plague Doctor  supports . . . 

telephone : 01433 639392               email:


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