affable . . . affordable . . . amusing . . . and so different 

Trust the proven choice of hundreds of other Clubs & Societies and go for an entertaining guest speaker everyone is talking about. Go for David Bell, the Plague Doctor. David is not a medic, nor is he an historian; however he does spin a terrific yarn.


He is the perfect speaker for any occasion and will not only surprise you and make you think; but he will also make you laugh out loud and feel so much better about yourself. 


For a fascinating hour you will be seduced in a uniquely amusing fashion into a world  where both medical diagnosis and  treatment were equally outrageous . A world you would want to avoid  . . . .  like the plague !  

Despite being clouded by the passage of time and the doubtful literary efforts of a string of enthusiastic poets and preachers the Eyam plague story remains an enduring episode from our history. And 354 years on, this small Peak District village, where David now lives continues to enjoy marketing its tragic past.


Any story of a community attempting to prevent the spread of a killer disease is on the face of it hardly going to be light entertainment. However David 'breaks the mould'; his personable, tongue-in-cheek style resonates seamlessly with the audience.


So before you separate fact from fiction in the Plague Doctor's light hearted take on life; just remember that laughter really is the best medicine.  Laugh out loud as David confronts a party of German tourists; wince as he extracts a bladder stone and demonstrates other outrageous early treatments. But whisper it again, the plague's about !


                                                                    The Plague Doctor's mantra is simple

                                        If the audience are laughing they are not only listening     . . . .   they are also feeling good.

   It's a fact that  a hearty laugh relieves tension in your body for up to 45 minutes afterwards.

  Laughter improves your immune system; it increases your resistance to bacteria & viruses

   and it also helps your blood flow far better; protecting you against cardiovascular problems.

 “I am having the time of my life.” explained David. "I never imagined in my wildest dreams

              that at this stage of my life I would be demonstrating  haemorrhoid relief with leeches and            

   buttock clenching tobacco smoke enemas." . . . .“Laughter certainly is the best medicine,"

 commented  Janet Stain  of the  Crosspool Ladies Group in Sheffield.“The Plague Doctor

 came to  entertain our members  recently and immediately won  us over with his hilarious

  anecdotes and original  storyline.  David had us all in fits of giggles from beginning to end.

 Just go and see him for yourself. He spins a fabulous tale &  you’ll feel all the better for it!”

                                    It was lovely to see our member's                                     happy faces as they left the hall. 

                                  Rutland U3A  Leicestershire

                                     Great night. Still laughing.

                                     Misson WI  South Yorkshire

                                     A resounding success 

                                     Oundle U3A  Peterborough

                                     A giggle filled hour,more please.

                                     The 'Just Jam' Ladies of Stoke 

                                     A buttock clenching hour of sheer joy

                                     Trent  Lock Country Club Nottingham

                                     A mid-week full house says it all

                                     Doubletree Hilton Hotel, Sheffield

                                    10 out of 10

                                     Thrapston U3A  Northampton

                                     Worth every penny and more

                                     llkeston History Club,  Notts                                                      We didn't expect that! 

                                     The Winding Wheel, Chesterfield.

                                     Highly recommended.

                                     Horwich  Probus,  Manchester.


                                     The "Luvly Lasses"  of Halifax 


                                          Standard talk fee from £75.00 + return mileage supplement @ 45p per mile

                                              Enquire now for remaining dates in 2019 & 2020   . . . . . .  booking to 2021

                                                      telephone : 01433 639392               email :


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a couple of short snippets of live action from recent shows

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